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Self Publishing
We have been printing books for a long time here at Hignell. Our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting your book published.

Ask yourself a question, "How much do I know about publishing?"

If your answer is something like "Not too much!", "I'm not sure, I'm new to this!" or "Publishing?", then we would recommend using our Self Publishers Packages. With this one-stop-shop package, we have your publishing needs covered from step one to done. Come work with us and get your book published!

If you answered: "I've done it before but need to know more." or "I know some basics.", then you should talk to one of our publishing consultants. Let us talk to you one on one, with no interruptions. Let us answer your questions and help get your book on its way into the hands of your readers.

If you say "I know my stuff", and are ready to get the books printed, continue to our book printing page or get a quote.



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